How to create a catalog in Facebook and why?


I. Intro

Start advertising your products according to the needs of your customer. Find the best customers for your business and up-sell or cross sell your products. Make the data collected from your website work in your favor and cash in the benefits.

To begin with create a BM(Business Manager) ad account, page in Facebook and a list of product images your selling.


II. FB catalog

Facebook catalog divides in to four categories: e-commerce, travel(Hotels, flights and destinations), auto and real estate. Auto and real estate are new categories and I would expect Facebook to expand on these categories as time passes. These catalogs consist of individual items(Unless its a bundle product) which are referred to as products for e-commerce, hotels, fights and destinations for travel, vehicles for auto and home listings for real estate.

A catalog is a list of all the items for sale. These are organised in data feeds. A feed holds column values for items. Each item in a feed must have required column values for it to be recognized and passed as an items for sale. These column values are a unique ID, description, cost, color, etc.

Now your catalog is set. But you have too many items and want to group them. Then you can used a set. If its a product catalog, you are making a product set. Depending on its category, brand, price, gender, and more, you can group your items together for multiple future use.




III. Why bother?

Why bother creating a hotel catalog when I can just fit it all in to product catalog and fill in less values? Why make catalogs at all and just post my products?

Well to keep it real simple. Automated. Catalogs are DB for dynamic ads. It will save you time once you set it up. Load it up and schedule your feeds to keep the catalog up to date.


IV. Conclusion

Its relatively easy. Its automated to target your good customers and will be able to find similar good customers. & this is only the beginning. It will only get harder for us non-programmers, so make a start if you want to at least pull your own weight.


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