Finding my mission


Understanding and accepting I am a very finite being have taken me thirty years to accept. I believe my path was gentle and well enveloped in the philanthropic nature of life. Giving is a noble gesture, but I’m poor now. Now, I have to start earning a little here. Yes, my work does not generate the wealth I want. So I take a step here and there. Lets see where this project goes.


What I want

I want better control over my body. I want to wake up earlier in the morning and face the day earlier. Waking up for work and making it just in time makes me feel like a slave. Slave to the happenings of daily activities, fulfilling the task of the master. My mind has been set on auto pilot for too long. The sparkle in my eye and flames of hope needs to be rekindled. The vacuum of thoughts processing only work material and YouTube on daily basis with no active physical activities, life is such a f**king task. Shouldn’t be that hard. Going to pack gym clothes and take it with me to work. One wish down.


Renewing an old activity should be enough.


Personal Mission 

To be honest to yourself and put in the work I wish to see.

A concoction of loneliness, fear and hard work is the prime recipe for success.  – says me



Pocket change for my coffee cravings. Appreciate it!